My Week in Photos

Trash Treasure Day didn’t yield any exciting finds.

That’s okay. Because later in the week, I ran into this dinosaur.

And no, he did not sign any autographs.

I was riding the L train and saw this next to me.

Jenna. Me. Amie. Bronx Zoo.

And because we’re emotionally stunted, we found lots of stuff to play with in the Gift Shop.

The wild card event of the week was attending the SNL after-after party, located somewhere downtown in a basement. Since it’s an after hours party, you had to know the password to get in. And the password was (kids close your eyes!)  Alligator Fuckhouse.  <—That’s real.

So here’s the story.  We got the password at 3AM. Me and Amie hop in a cab to ensure we get to the party quickly, as we didn’t want to miss a minute of debauchery. Legendary stuff happens at these things, or so I read. On the internet. Where anybody can say anything. Whatever, I was pretty sure Betty White would be there going wild and flashing everyone her Golden Girls. In fact, I fully expected the party to be like this scene in Wet Hot American summer, starting at 1:30.

But instead, me and Amie walked into a party that no one, I repeat, no one was at. The bartender hadn’t even started to set up yet.

Hey, that’s cool. We came early on purpose. Insert awkward laugh. Uh, so we could lean against the wall? We’s got some sick leaning skills.

Eventually the party did start to pick up and we stepped off the wall and onto the dance floor. I have to say, the party was a lot of fun and I’m glad I stayed awake long enough to participate.

Yeah, the after party starts to stick to you after being there for a couple of hours.

Here’s Amie with  Daniel Franzese who played Damian in Mean Girls.

He was really nice and fun on the dance floor. We left at 6 am, when the DJ started playing Sean Paul.  Shake that Thing is always my closing time song.


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