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My Week in Photos: Special Peru Edition

Okay, I know I posted some photos a while back from my trip to Peru but I came across some really great and interesting photos from the riots in Chala that I wanted to share with everyone. These came from a traveler I met in Huacachina who ended up on the same bus as me.


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My Week in Photos

Always starting with my favorite day of the week…Trash Treasure Day!!!

And boy, was there bounty to be had this week. Check it out!

I was so excited to see this I immediately ran back up to my apartment to get my camera. Originally there was a sink included with this counter and cabinet set but by the time I returned someone had taken it.

A mattress/box set that also comes with a mop?! That’s a combo you can’t find at Target.

The flash of my camera scared the roaches off this so consider it good to go for your kid or any small child you feel deserves something special.

In other news, Twas the night of the Sex and the City 2 World Premiere, when all through New York, fashionistas primped and not a manolo went unworn. I decided about a month earlier that I would be in attendance of this epic movie event but as usual, my tickets got lost in the mail so I had to go and crash the after party which was being held at Lincoln Center.

Initially, infiltrating the party looked difficult with three levels of security checkpoints but me and my friend Jessica managed to sneak by, no questions asked.

Yep, a photo kiosk was there (next to a mini-cupcake tower, might I add) to capture your moment of VIP exclusivity along with a table of props to enhance a photo that already has a glittery desert as its background. I love this kind of promotional/marketing crap. Hell yes I want my photo taken! And get me a mini-cupcake too while we’re at it. I’m on the movie poster!

As after parties go, this one was great. The decor reminded me of being in a high class harem’s private quarters. There was dramatic drapery, plush pillows and a lighting setup that bathed everything and everyone in warm hues of pink and orange. A lot of really famous people were there, along with not name famous but face famous people. All of the women looked fantastic and much better in person.

The best part of the night (and seeing how this is Sex and the City is appropriate) was the list of free cocktails with clever names. Like Mr. Manhattan, Blond Ambition and Park Avenue Princess.

I stuck with being a cliche for the evening and drank my fill of Cosmos. Cheers Carrie Bradshaw and co.!

My hetero life partner Amie told me of this neat-o exhibit featuring props from the show and photographs featuring cast and crew that are immigrants and first generation Americans. I used to be OBSESSED with Lost back when the show first aired. My obsession faded around season three but I still have a soft spot for the show and the crazy it brought to television.

Jug Head

Dharma Beer

Me and Amie in front of the Dharma van. While the Dharma van is cool, I feel that our unintentional matching outfits makes this photo a billion times cooler. Polka dots AND yellow sunglasses?! You cannot plan that kind of awesome no matter what people say.

As I walked to the subway one afternoon I came across a situation that required concern casual enough not to feel a need to do anything about it.  Like a scene from one of my favorite animal movies (Milo and Otis springs to mind),  a handful of ducklings and their mother lost their way into these bushes.

There was only one person who could save this duck family.

This man with a black and mild hanging out of his mouth, wrangled these runaway fowls to safety. He informed everyone that he used to live on a farm and to just grab whatever duck was around and get going. When the ducklings maneuvered away from the hands of well intentioned strangers, he growled “You can’t save them all!”  Knowing words from a former farm boy.

However, I’m happy to report that all four ducklings and mother are now somewhere in Central Park doing duck things.

That is if a coyote or falcon hasn’t found them by now.

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My Week in Photos

Trash Treasure Day didn’t yield any exciting finds.

That’s okay. Because later in the week, I ran into this dinosaur.

And no, he did not sign any autographs.

I was riding the L train and saw this next to me.

Jenna. Me. Amie. Bronx Zoo.

And because we’re emotionally stunted, we found lots of stuff to play with in the Gift Shop.

The wild card event of the week was attending the SNL after-after party, located somewhere downtown in a basement. Since it’s an after hours party, you had to know the password to get in. And the password was (kids close your eyes!)  Alligator Fuckhouse.  <—That’s real.

So here’s the story.  We got the password at 3AM. Me and Amie hop in a cab to ensure we get to the party quickly, as we didn’t want to miss a minute of debauchery. Legendary stuff happens at these things, or so I read. On the internet. Where anybody can say anything. Whatever, I was pretty sure Betty White would be there going wild and flashing everyone her Golden Girls. In fact, I fully expected the party to be like this scene in Wet Hot American summer, starting at 1:30.

But instead, me and Amie walked into a party that no one, I repeat, no one was at. The bartender hadn’t even started to set up yet.

Hey, that’s cool. We came early on purpose. Insert awkward laugh. Uh, so we could lean against the wall? We’s got some sick leaning skills.

Eventually the party did start to pick up and we stepped off the wall and onto the dance floor. I have to say, the party was a lot of fun and I’m glad I stayed awake long enough to participate.

Yeah, the after party starts to stick to you after being there for a couple of hours.

Here’s Amie with  Daniel Franzese who played Damian in Mean Girls.

He was really nice and fun on the dance floor. We left at 6 am, when the DJ started playing Sean Paul.  Shake that Thing is always my closing time song.

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My week in photos: Peru Edition

If you are my friend in real life or on Facebook, chances are you’ve already seen most of these. But for those who haven’t seen them, here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to Peru. Next week I’ll start blogging about the trip and the crazy stuff that happened. And trust, this was the most challenging trip I’ve ever been on.

This is a legitimate oasis in the middle of the desert.  Huacachina is a small town that sprouted up around the oasis and it used to be a resort town for super rich Peruvians.  Now it’s more of a backpacker hangout where you can sandboard during the day and party all night.

This is a photo of me atop a desert dune. I’m still finding sand in those shoes two weeks later.

Photo of the street where my hostel (the fantastic Loki Hostel)in Cuzco was located. I didn’t get altitude sickness but it was difficult to breathe that high up. Believe or not, climbing a massive hill to my room did not encourage the flow of air into my lungs.

Some ladies I photographed in the square. It’s a nice photo but the photo I really wanted was me holding that baby alpaca. It didn’t go over well when I tried to take the alpaca into my arms. So. This is what I had to settle for.

This is the church in the village of Oropesa. This was definitely a highlight of my trip. The village was beyond beautiful.

Another shot of Oropesa. The sky is so blue!

I’m pretty sure this bedspread is the most awesome thing I saw on my trip. Machu Picchu  can’t hang with these green eyed pandas.

A village I passed during my casual stroll to Machu Picchu.

I lied. It is anything but a casual stroll to Machu Picchu! But it’s worth it and here’s what it looks like when you get there!

This is from the top of Wayna Picchu. Apparently, if you want, you can hike an additional hour to the top and sit on four pointy rocks and take photos from super high up. I think it’s worth it if you can manage the hike.

If you want to see the rest of the photos, check out my flickr page. Yeah, I had to get a flickr page because my parents don’t trust facebook. I probably shouldn’t either.

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My Week in Photos

I had an unusually high number of social engagements this week. First, there was crashing the Bounty Hunter after party…

Then I went to an advanced screening of Repo Men…

I wish Jude Law would come and repo this from my memory.

Acefest and Backstage magazine had a networking party for all the bright young things in the city.

It was ok. I don’t know how you’re supposed to “network” when you can’t hear yourself talk. Turn the bass down yo!

There were a couple of other events  I attended that were paparazzi free. I went to a fundraiser for a brand new web-series, Mother Eve’s Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood. Say that 5 times fast. I’ve Got Munchies, a sketch show on the Manhattan News Network had their first live show/giveaway. I won a T-Shirt. I love winning free clothes. And I can’t confirm this but I think I was tricked into being a contestant on a Japanese game show. If not… well, we’ll meet again giant Hello Kitty samurai.

On to my favorite day of the week… Trash Treasure Day!

It was looking to be an average week for my block but then I found this Christmas tree.

I know. It’s hard. I wish Christmas was every day too.

Check out these guys I found on the side of an apartment building. What are they? They’re not gargoyles. Monks? Philosophers? Family members of the building owner? I don’t know but I like them.

This one is my favorite. He looks so wise.

*My Week in Photos will be taking a two week hiatus due to my upcoming travels*

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My Week in Photos

Trash Treasure!!! Here are the goodies on my block this week.

Obviously one item stood out from the rest.


I also had some weird food discoveries…

like this mutant strawberry. I haven’t eaten yet but I’m hoping upon consumption I will acquire a superpower or two. If I don’t get a superpower out of this, I’ll probably grow an extra appendage which is okay because I will finally have a legitimate reason to join the circus.


then I found this sweet potato I had forgotten about in my cupboard. The tentacles on it really creeped me out. It also smelled like dirt, which it didn’t smell like when I bought it.

This is my friend Emily. She’s an international superstar too. She flew in from LA to work on the show Design Star. She was only in town for a week but I was glad to see her.

Train X? My friend Damian wants to go to there.

This was not found on Train X.

I bet Train X’s riders are not as disgruntled as those on the C train. Wait for me Train X!!!!

Paparazzi catching me dressed down as I go to the grocery store.


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